Shipping Simplified: A Guide to Using Mailer Bags for Easy Deliveries

April 4, 2024
By Ben Kaplan

Efficient packaging is important for businesses aiming to deliver a seamless experience. Amongst myriad options, mailer bags have risen as the best-suited choice giving durability, versatility and affordability. Let’s understand about mailer bags and what they bring to the table.

A mailer bag, otherwise called a poly mailer, is a lightweight and robust packaging solution crafted for shipping a variety of products. Commonly constructed using polyethylene, these bags are available in different styles and sizes to accommodate a variety of products. Their flexibility makes them ideal for various products, from clothing and books to accessories and electronics.


Standard Poly Mailers: Standard poly mailers are widely used, featuring a peel-and-seal closure. These mailers are perfect for lightweight products and are affordable for businesses seeking to lower shipping expenses.

Bubble Mailers: Bubble mailers or padded mailers have a robust layer of bubble, providing extra protection during transit and handling. This additional cushioning helps prevent damage and makes them ideal for shipping jewelry, electronics and small breakable items.

Tamper-Evident Poly Mailers: Built-in security features that exhibit visible signs if the product has been tampered with during transit, storage or handling. This ensures the quality and integrity of the contents and offers a perfect security layer, making them ideal for shipping valuable items.

Custom Printed Poly Mailers: Customized poly mailers enable brands to add branding logos, unique elements and promotional messages to the packaging. This improves brand visibility while providing a professional touch to the overall experience.


Light-in-Weight & Affordable: Poly mailers are lighter than conventional packaging materials, lowering business expenses. Their lightweight nature makes them a sustainable option, consuming less energy to manufacture and ship.

Water-Resistance:  The polyethylene material used in mailer bags is water-resistant, keeping your product safe. This mechanism is beneficial for businesses shipping items that are sensitive to water damage.

Versatility: Poly mailers are available in different shapes and sizes, serving client’s diverse needs. You could be shipping small items or larger clothing products; there’s a right poly mailer size to suit every product.

Ease of Use: The peel-and-seal closing mechanism of poly mailers makes the complete packaging procedure easy, saving you time and ensuring a secure sealant. This easy-to-use nature makes them the perfect choice to improve efficiency.

Recyclable Options: Many poly mailers are recyclable, adding to sustainable practices. Businesses can choose recyclable options to align with their sustainability goals and lower their carbon footprint.


Compostable Mailers: For businesses seeking ways to lower ecological impact, compostable mailers are made from flexible materials that break down naturally. These bags make a perfect choice for businesses committed to sustainability.

Recycled Content Mailers: Mailers constructed using recyclable materials are preferred as they reduce the demand for new resources. By opting for recycled content, brands contribute to a circular economy and lower waste.

Biodegradable Mailers: These mailers break down over time without leaving hazardous elements. Biodegradable mailers are a sustainable option for businesses seeking to balance the need for packaging and environmental commitment.

Reusable Mailers: Many mailers are designed for multiple purposes, enabling customers to repurpose them for returns. Reusable mailers lower the overall consumption of packaging materials.

Paper Mailers: This is a 100% plastic-free option; paper mailers are a green alternative. These bags are often constructed from sustainable and recycled paper. 



Poly mailers are the perfect choice for shipping clothing and apparel. Their lightweight design ensures affordable shipping, while the water-resistant mechanism protects the contents against unexpected weather situations.


Books and magazines can be shipped safely packed in poly mailers, giving a protective barrier against minor impacts and moisture. The versatility of poly mailer sizes accommodates different book dimensions.


Bubble mailers or those padded types make an ideal choice for shipping electronics and accessories that demand additional protection. The bubble wrap layer adds protective cushioning to prevent damage during transit and handling.


Custom-made printed poly mailers are a remarkable choice for cosmetic and wellness brands seeking to improve their branding. The tamper-evident feature ensures the security of these expensive and delicate items.

Small Goods & Accessories 

Poly mailers are versatile, which perfectly accommodate various home goods and accessories, such as décor items, kitchen utensils and small appliances. Their lightweight nature makes them an affordable choice for these items.


Affordable Shipping: The lightweight design of poly mailers lowers shipping expenses for businesses, making them a perfect packaging solution.

Versatility: Mailer bags are available in different styles and sizes, allowing businesses to choose the right product. Customization options allow brand enhancement.

Protection from Elements: Poly mailers are water-resistant, protecting contents against moisture during transit, handling and storage. This feature is valuable for items prone to water damage.

Efficient Packaging Procedure: The peel-and-seal closing mechanism of poly mailers optimizes the packaging journey, improving overall efficiency for businesses. This user-friendly design helps save time.

Sustainability: Many poly mailers are recyclable and biodegradable, aligning with the brand’s sustainability goals. Additionally, green alternatives such as compostable mailers make a perfect choice.    


In the dynamic world of e-Commerce, selecting the right packaging solution is crucial for businesses aiming to provide a positive customer experience. Poly mailers are a versatile, cost-effective and eco-friendly, offering numerous benefits to businesses and consumers. From efficient shipping to brand enhancement, poly mailers play a vital role in the evolving landscape of online retail, making them a go-to choice for businesses looking to streamline their delivery processes.

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