We Manufacture Heavy Duty Polyethylene Film and Bags

Primary Packaging Inc. (PPI) serves the industrial and retail market with high-quality heavy-duty plastic packaging for demanding applications. Our state-of-the-art multi-layer blown film extrusion department has the capability of producing up to 3-layer heavy duty films containing UV protection, anti-block, anti-skid, anti-static additives in any film color with a wide range of gauge capabilities. We have a wide variety of specialized films, including recyclable materials.

Doing Business With Primary Packaging

PPI is a fully-integrated manufacturer of film and bags that services industrial and retail markets with high-quality heavy-duty packaging for demanding applications such as fertilizer, salt, sand, rock and fiberglass insulation markets.

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ConservaCube™: The Future of Packaging

Eye-catching product packaging is a critical part of today’s business strategy. As shipping costs continue to rise, PPI offers a strategic solution. Our sturdy but lighter weight ConservaCube™ packaging offers four attention-grabbing display panels that draw the customer’s eye to your product (versus traditional stand up and gusseted pouches that have two primary display panels and only one is visible at a time).

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Primary Packaging Conservacube™


State-of-the-art extrusion capabilities. Up to 10-color print with UV coating. Expanding line of converting equipment. Warehousing.


We offer a wide variety of  Products for a number of different applications. From single wound sheeting to bottom gusset, twinseal bags to ConservaCube™ packaging.


Our team of experienced pros know the in’s and out’s of the packaging business. Here’s our take on  industry trends and developments.