We Manufacture Heavy Duty Polyethylene Film and Bags

Primary Packaging Inc. (PPI) serves the industrial and retail market with high-quality heavy-duty plastic packaging for demanding applications. Our state-of-the-art multi-layer blown film extrusion department has the capability of producing up to 3-layer heavy duty films containing UV protection, anti-block, anti-skid, anti-static additives in any film color with a wide range of gauge capabilities. We have a wide variety of specialized films, including recyclable materials and post-consumer recycled content.

Doing Business With Primary Packaging

PPI is a fully-integrated manufacturer of film and bags that services industrial and retail markets with high-quality heavy-duty packaging for demanding applications such as fertilizer, salt, sand, rock and fiberglass insulation markets.

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Post-Consumer Recycled Content In Flexible Packaging

As a manufacturer, the processes by which raw materials are transformed into commonly used commercial forms are often less than environmentally friendly. In the past, standards for what was acceptable and in compliance with environmental regulations was far less stringent. Likewise, consumer preferences and values have changed significantly, placing a greater value on environmental responsibility when buying products. Primary Packaging Inc. (PPI) understands these trends and strives to limit its impact on the environment. Today, Primary Packaging is a leader in the flexible packaging industry, boasting a zero-plastic-waste facility and using post-consumer recycled content.

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Post-Consumer Recycled Content Resin


State-of-the-art extrusion capabilities. Up to 10-color print with UV coating. Expanding line of converting equipment. Warehousing.


We offer a wide variety of  Products for a number of different applications. From single wound sheeting to bottom gusset, twinseal bags to ConservaCube™ packaging.


Our team of experienced pros know the in’s and out’s of the packaging business. Here’s our take on  industry trends and developments.