Author: Ben Kaplan

Single Wound Sheeting: The Ideal Solution for Packaging and Protection

August 11, 2023 - by - in Primary Packaging

In a world where everything runs on efficiency and innovation, single wound sheeting rises, revolutionizing the industry silently, transforming and elevating our product packaging standards. This adaptable and versatile...

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Flexible Pouch Bags: Convenient and Versatile Packaging

August 10, 2023 - by - in Primary Packaging

Flexible pouch packaging came into our realm like superheroes! With so many companions here to revolutionize how we store and ship goods, it is advised to transform your current...

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What Makes Polyethylene the Ideal Choice for Food Packaging?

June 7, 2023 - by - in Primary Packaging

The growing population inflicted rising demand for consumer goods – Food and beverage manufacturers are always looking for ways to improve their way of production and craft additional value....

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Get Reliable Protection with Heavy Duty Plastic Bags

June 5, 2023 - by - in Primary Packaging

When we think “heavy-duty industrial bag,” we think concrete, dirt, gravel, and other rough material. While they are used for such purposes, heavy-duty bags are an ideal choice for...

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Common Misconceptions About Plastic Grow Bags And Why They Are Actually A Sustainable Choice For Gardening

April 21, 2023 - by - in Primary Packaging

Common Misconceptions There are a few common misconceptions about plastic grow bags that might discourage some people from using them in their gardens. Here are a few of those...

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Spring Gardening Season Is Here – What Are Grow Bags?

April 21, 2023 - by - in Primary Packaging

Plastic grow bags have become increasingly popular in the landscaping and gardening industry due to their versatility and convenience. These bags are essentially plastic containers that are designed for...

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Protect Your Products with High-Quality Polyethylene Packaging – Top Solutions for Safe and Secure Shipping

April 5, 2023 - by - in Primary Packaging

For packaging materials, plastic is the most commonly ingredient. It can be found in practically every packaging you can think about. There are billions of tons of plastic on...

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5 Interesting Packaging Ideas You Should Know

December 6, 2022 - by - in Primary Packaging

Flexible packaging services are quite common nowadays, and the marketplace is getting swarmed with them. Creating eye-catching packaging ideas is crucial to any business – this may appear easy...

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The Benefits of Plastic Packaging for Food Products

October 6, 2022 - by - in Primary Packaging

With the growing population increasing demand for goods and services, manufacturers in the food & beverage industry are looking for innovative ways to bring additional value to their brands....

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Producing Effective Products Requires Attention To Detail

February 2, 2021 - by - in Primary Packaging

Field Packaging Solutions (FPS) acquires and operates small- to medium-sized manufacturing businesses in various segments of the packaging industry. We actively seek additional companies to add to our current...

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