Capable of customizing size, material, and graphics for optimal performance and enhanced brand awareness.

Mailer bags are designed for secure and efficient transport of a range of products.

PPI's Mailer Bag process is capable of printing repeat custom designs, up to 6 colors done by flexographic printing.

Mailer Bags


Our heavy-duty mailer bags provide superior strength to prevent puncture and tearing and avoid product damage or loss. We offer bags as single wound sheeting or in individually cut bags to meet your specific needs based on your product and application.

Customization Options for Mailer Bags

We can customize the material composition to meet the performance metrics you need. For sensitive assets, we also offer security mailer bags with tamper evident technology. Our robust printing and bag conversion capabilities allow our customers to apply a wide range of custom graphic designs to their bags from logos to product instructions or warnings. Whatever your custom design needs, PPI can help you design and product bags with completely customized graphics. PPI also has access to more sustainable material options such as downgauging to use less material or even bioplastics that can help you achieve your green initiatives. 



We can offer the following options and features on our Mailer Bags:

• Heavy-Duty Polyethylene Material
• Single Wound Sheeting or Individual Cut Bags
• Tamper Evident Technology
• Custom Branding or other Graphics
• Easy Open Design


• Retail and eCommerce
• Sensitive Documents and Other Items
• Commercial and Industrial Uses

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