Primary Packaging Inc. Manufactures Quality, Heavy-Duty Plastic Packaging

Headquartered in Bolivar Ohio, Primary Packaging Inc. (PPI) serves the industrial and retail market with high-quality heavy-duty plastic packaging  for demanding applications. Our state-of-the-art multi-layer blown film extrusion department has the capability of producing up to 3-layer heavy duty films containing UV protection, anti-block, anti-skid, anti-static additives in any film color with a wide range of gauge capabilities. We have a wide variety of specialized films, including recyclable materials.

PPI is able to print up to 10 colors with UV coating and capable of converting into a wide variety of styles of film, bags or rolls. We also provide cutting-edge packaging solutions such as the ConservaCube™. This innovative approach to packaging designs allows us to be a differentiator within the flexible packaging industry.


Primary Packaging Inc. was founded in 1990 in Dover, Ohio. Steady growth over the subsequent years forced the necessity of a larger building footprint and a parcel of land was purchased in 1996 in Bolivar, OH and a new plant was erected on a portion of the land. In the summer of 2018, Primary Packaging Inc. completed an expansion of the building, doubling the size of the manufacturing area on the existing land.

Primary Packaging Inc. (PPI) is a Field Packaging Solutions  company.

Doing Business With Primary Packaging Inc.

PPI is a fully-integrated manufacturer of film and bags that services industrial and retail markets with high-quality heavy-duty packaging for demanding applications such as fertilizer, salt, sand, rock and fiberglass insulation markets.

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