Producing Effective Products Requires Attention To Detail

March 8, 2022
By Ben Kaplan and Dave Banig

Virtually every product created requires some sort of packaging to allow for safe and controlled transport. Most of these products have specific and unique characteristics that require equally unique packaging. Designing unique packaging for a wide range of products is a complicated and challenging undertaking. In order to achieve success in creating custom packaging for such a wide range of uses, attention to detail is paramount. Heavy duty plastic bags and film are popular packaging formats for many commercial and industrial uses as each can provide robust resistance to harsh environments and bear heavy loads while remaining highly cost-effective. 

Primary Packaging has found success in the industrial space, producing custom heavy duty plastic bags for a wide range of products for industrial applications. Heavy duty bags and plastic film is an excellent packaging choice for many applications such as, lawn and garden, powders, rocks, soils, fertilizers, wood pellets, sand, minerals, concrete, insulation, biohazard, autoclavable, pet products, salt, ice melt, and chemicals. This is just a few viable markets for industrial packaging.

Heavy Duty Plastic Bags and Film

Finding The Winning Combination

There are dozens of choices to be made in the process of determining the winning combination to support a new heavy duty bag design. When selecting a material, one must consider the characteristics of the material it will hold, the possible challenges of the environment it will live in, and the customization options desired by the customer.


There are different types of materials used by Primary Packaging Inc. to achieve the packaging strengths required to handle the various types of products and applications commonly applied to heavy-duty bag or films. The materials maybe comprised of LLDPE, Metallocene, High Density, LDPE, anti-block, slip, UVI for weather protection, Post Consumer materials, Industrial grade repro, among many others. Primary Packaging Inc. has the expertise, a team of problem solving film experts and numerous raw materials supplier relationships to design and manufacture the perfect films and bags to meet the unique specifications of your package.

Heavy Duty Plastic Bags and Film


Another key factor that affects your ability to provide the right packaging design to hold your product, is the type of machinery you are using to package your product. Different packaging machines are best for certain types of packing and filling processes. For example, when using automated packaging lines with robots like Hamer, Preimertech, or Reithcief, you should also consider the requirements for internal and external surface material, puncture resistance threshold of the film among other key specifications that may cause machine failure or product failure if not carefully calibrated. Understanding your machinery and the type of packaging product that works best with that machinery is an important part of achieving efficient packaging and proper pacakage sealing for loss prevention.


When designing the packaging to take your product to market, custom graphics are an important consideration. Graphics help to showcase your brand and product, but also affects the types of materials required.  Primary Packaging’s expertise in flexographic printing on plastic surfaces allows our team to ensure your custom graphics dazzle on your product packaging and do not smear or fade when being handled. Understanding when to use environmentally friendly water based inks versus solvent based inks and applications that require UV coatings allow Primary Packaging to craft customized packaging with up to 10 colors with the confidence that it will perform without fail. For customers that need assistance with developing graphics, Primary Packaging has a first-rate in-house graphics department to bring your product branding to life with graphics that dazzle.

Flexographic Printing
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Working With A Turnkey Manufacturer Like Primary Packaging

Primary Packaging Inc., is a one stop shop for your heavy duty packaging solutions. We have expertise in  plastic film extrusion, printing and converting to a wide variety of bag formats, like separated bags for compression, side-weld bags, bottom seal bags, twin seal bags, single wound sheeting, tubing, gusseted tubing, center fold sheeting, j-sheeting all in one location. We pride ourselves on our ability to innovate and develop new packaging types to solve challenges faced by our clients. One example of our ability to innovate is the ConservaCubeTM packaging design, an alternative to the traditional stand up and side gusset pouch. Another innovative new packaging technology is the Alert Security Bag product line. Alert Security Products are a leading solution in tamper evident technology and loss prevention, offering a secure way to transfer and store sensitive assets like cash or personal items. We pride ourselves on our ability to address virtually any heavy duty bag packaging challenge. Contact our talented team today to get started with a quote.