Primary Packaging Inc. offers a wide variety of plastic packaging products for a number of different applications, from single wound sheeting to bottom gusset, to twinseal bags.

All of our plastic packaging products are highly customizable to showcase your products and build brand recognition. If you are unsure of the best packaging solution for your product, our technical experts are ready to help you find the plastic packaging product best suited to meet your brand recognition goals and sustainability requirements. If we don’t already have a product that fits your needs, we are prepared to design custom plastic materials that provide the barrier properties that meet your packaging chemical resistance requirements for longer shelf life.

PPI can run Single Wound Sheeting (SWS) rollstock on all of our presses. PPI runs many high-end print jobs as Single Wound Sheeting as it is a flat film, which provides greater efficiency for packaging or automated filling lines. Single Wound Sheeting is an excellent format for wrap-around print applications and offers superior graphic presentations and sturdy sealing properties. All sheeting and rollstock can be wound to customer specified requirements with flexibility for specific properties for converter films.

Primary Packaging Plastic Packaging Products - Single Wound Sheeting

PPI can run Centerfold Sheeting rollstock on all of our presses. It is a great option for front and back printing designs and offers superior filling efficiencies on automated filling lines. The Centerfold Sheeting format provides sturdy plastic film properties for the most rigorous applications. Up to 40” finished roll diameter is available. All sheeting and rollstock can be wound to customer specified requirements. 

Primary Packaging Plastic Packaging Products - Centerfold Sheeting

Our Twinseal bag structure offers an enhanced seal for highly demanding applications and proprietary film blends for superior drop strengths, while meeting stringent UN or UL packaging standards. A fantastic option for large and small bags for free-flowing product such as powder and granular packaging. We offer Twinseal bags in a variety of formats, including gusseted options for optimal graphic presentation for shelf appeal, including:

• Bottom Gusset
• Pocket Bags or Document Pouches
• EZ open wrinkle
• Vents
• Handle – Reinforced or Die-Cut

Primary Packaging Plastic Packaging Products - TwinSeal Bags

Our Sideweld bag structure features a slim line look for a highly visually appealing packaging solution. Superior seal strength and side seal “beads” make this bag format a top of the line option for highly demanding applications. We aim to build a solution that fits well within your operation by offering an easy open feature for highly efficient filling needs. We can customize this bag to your specifications with a range of format variations, including:

• Bottom Gusset
• Pocket Bags or Document Pouches
• Bag-In-Bag Dual Web Functions
• Vents
• Easy Open for Efficient Filling
• Numerous Handle Style Options – Reinforced or Die-Cut
• Corner Seals

Primary Packaging Plastic Packaging Products - Sideweld Bag


Our Bottom Seal Separated Bags and Bag On Roll options provide superior seal strength for sealed tube applications. We offer flat or gusseted plastic film and bag options and can include heavy duty patch handles for additional reinforcement. A great option for designs that require printing around into the gusset. Available in large print repeats. We can offer the following options and features on our Bottom Seal Bags:

• Embossed Pattern
• Perforation
• Side Gusset
• Vents
• Handle – Reinforced or Die Cut
• Corner Seals

Primary Packaging Plastic Packaging Products - Separated Bag

The pocket bag gives you the opportunity to add a pocket to your heavy duty flexible bag for a paper insert for different products. This additional feature allows you to include promotional or instructional materials, protected by the packaging design, with your products. The pocket is available in both Twinseal and Sideweld Bags and it great for specialized applications. There are multiple options for pocket placement and fits most custom labeling necessities.

Primary Packaging Plastic Packaging Products - Pocket Bag

PPI has 2 types of handle options for its plastic packaging products:

• C-Cut Handle [on the left hand side]
• 2-Hole Cut Handle [on the right hand side]

Primary Packaging - Handle Options

A design that reflects the brand, promotes the product, and protects the contents that are inside the package. Features multilayer, laminated film structures with nylon and polyester that will prolong product life cycles. The unique cube shaped flexible package serves as an alternative to traditional stand up and side gusset pouches and can help you optimize your freight, warehousing and delivery systems and achieve your packaging sustainability goals.


Post-consumer designs available.

Primary Packaging - ConservaCube™

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