Primary Packaging Inc. offers a wide variety of products for a number of different applications, from single wound sheeting to bottom gusset, to twinseal bags.

PPI can run SWS, centerfold and J-Sheeting rollstock on all presses. PPI runs many high-end print jobs as SWS. All sheeting and rollstock can be wound to customer specified requirements. 

Primary Packaging Single Wound Sheeting
Primary Packaging Centerfold Sheeting

On our Twinseal bags, we offer the following options:

• Bottom Gusset
• Pocket
• EZ open wrinkle
• Vents
• Handle – Reinforced or Die-Cut

On our Sideweld bags, we offer the following options:

• Bottom Gusset
• Pocket
• Bag-In-Bag
• Vents
• Handle – Reinforced or Die-Cut 
• Corner Seals

Primary Packaging Sideweld Bag


On our Bottom seal bags, we offer the following options:

• Embossed Pattern
• Perforation
• Side Gusset
• Vents
• Handle – Reinforced or Die Cut
• Corner Seals

Primary Packaging Separated Bag

With choosing the pocket bag, you have the opportunity to add a pocket to your bag for a paper insert for different products.

Primary Packaging Pocket Bag

PPI has 2 types of handle options

• C-Cut Handle [on the left hand side]
• 2-Hole Cut Handle [on the right hand side]

Primary Packaging Handle Options

A design reflects the brand, promotes the product, and protects the contents that are inside the package. Multilayer film, laminated film structures with nylon, polyester that will prolong product life cycles.

Post-consumer designs available.

Primary Packaging Conservacube™

Doing Business with Primary Packaging, Inc.

PPI is a fully-integrated manufacturer of film and bags that services industrial
and retail markets with high-quality heavy-duty packaging for demanding
applications such as fertilizer, salt, sand, rock and fiberglass insulation

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