The Value of Choosing Heavy-Duty Shipping Bags

March 8, 2022
By Dave Banig

One of the biggest challenges for businesses of all types is how to efficiently and securely transport its products from the manufacturing facility to distributors, retails or the end user. Heavy-duty polyethylene shipping bags offer several benefits over other types of materials to provide added protection and security when transporting product.

Companies must make many decisions in order to take a product to market and keep it there. Choosing the type of packaging for a product is critical, and if the choice is a bag, there are many other considerations to narrow down the exact specifications ultimately used.

Heavy-duty bag materials

There are so many options when it comes to materials, but it is important to choose the right type of material based on your packaged goods and performance needs, or else risk damage to your products on the trip to its destination. It can be overwhelming (or very exciting to us packaging nerds) to understand all the material compounds and combinations that can be used to create the package you need. There are heavy-duty materials that are better suited for chemical and mineral applications, while other formulas are more effective and efficient for less caustic uses. There are even plastic and bio-plastic materials available to help companies meet their green sustainability goals by reducing the amount of material that goes into the bag or creating a bag that completely decomposes in months instead of decades. Whatever your needs, a heavy duty bag converter with robust capabilities like Primary Packaging can help you pick the right combination for your heavy-duty shipping bags.

Heavy-duty shipping bags are offered as sheeting, like this image, or as individually cut bags.

Heavy-duty bag sizing

Various sizes of heavy-duty shipping bags are available that provide varying benefits like providing ease of handling, added security, puncture resistance, brand awareness and more. The wide range of sizes and gauges ensure that there is a heavy-duty shipping bag option for virtually everyone and every application.

What are the most common applications for heavy-duty bags?

Industrial applications

Heavy-duty plastics bags are ideal for packaging chemicals such as fertilizers, resins, sand, oil dry, ice melt, solar salt, pool salt and other minerals. Beyond chemicals and minerals, heavy-duty packaging is often used to transport insulation for construction, wood and bbq pellets for heating and cooking, soils, composts, mulches, pet bedding, and shavings are also common applications.

Heavy Duty Bags for Soil

Commercial applications

Heavy-duty plastic bags are also frequently used in ecommerce and home delivery shipping packaging. The plastic mailer is a preferred shipping option for many companies for its light weight, flexibility and durability, which allows for shipping of a wide range of products. Manufacturers can also offer the bags in single wound sheeting or individually cut bags depending on the needs of the packer and the type of product. For added security for sensitive items you can also select a security mailer bag, which offers tamper evident technology with a void seal to ensure products are delivered to the customer securely and unaltered.

Mailer Bags

Custom printing and branding

We are most accustomed to seeing the plain white or grey mailer bags, or variations with simple branding like those used by Amazon or other retailers. However, mailer bags can be custom printed in any way that you can imagine. Whether you like something as simple as a logo, or as complex as multiple colors for inner or outer walls and foil to make it stand out even more, the customizations are endless. Most brands like to have a logo printed on the bag for brand awareness, while other companies require special messaging printed on the bag to communicate instructions or warnings about the contents of the package. Adding custom printing and graphic designs to your shipping bags you can take advantage of enhancing your brand awareness. Check out Primary Packaging’s robust custom printing capabilities in action below!

Why work with Primary Packaging

Heavy-duty bags manufactured at Primary Packaging Inc. (PPI) are all co-extruded with a non-slip outside layer that makes for ease of handling while stacking, pelletizing, and shipping. The inside layer of the bag consists of materials that provide added strength to avoid tears, but maintains an easy open feature. PPI also offers custom materials to design a bag that provides the exact product protection you need for your products ensuring a convenient, safe method for shipping a variety of product types. Finally, we take pride in providing customer-centric solutions that aim to address your specific challenges with high touch customer service and a dedication to deeply understanding your business, products and customers.