Big Benefits of Smart Packaging

November 25, 2020
By Jeff Thrams

Ways that Wow Customers, Consumers, and Accountants

There was a time when packaging was once purely functional, a way to protect consumer package goods during
shipment and storage. Today’s consumers are savvier than ever before. With so many products on shelves, brands are
learning the important role smart packing plays in today’s marketplace. Here are some of the benefits for companies
choosing to meet the demand.

Protects Contents

Enhancing the shelf-life of products is a primary concern for brands today. Nearly 1.3 billion tons of all the food
produced globally gets wasted. This is due in part to poor quality packaging materials that can be damaged or do not
protect contents as they should. Smart packaging can filter out harmful light and prevent or repel moisture and other
harmful agents. This not only prevents the consumption of food that is potentially unsafe but also reduces the need to
discard out-of-date or damaged products.

Promotes the Product

Packaging is the first interaction shoppers have with a product. To stand out on store shelves, brands increasingly seek
new ways to engage with consumers. Utilizing smart packaging is one way to support those goals. For years,
researchers have recognized how color and design in packaging has a noticeable effect on shopping behaviors; 72% of
consumers say packaging design influences their purchasing decision. The innovative designs of smart packaging can
attract the consumer’s eye. Furthermore, in today’s digital age, 40% of consumers admit they would share an image of
a product’s packaging on social media if it is unique.

Reflects the Brand

Having the right packaging means everything to brand image, just ask Dutch Gold Honey with their bear-shaped
bottles, Campbell’s Soup with their red and white labels, or Tiffany & Co. with their simple blue box.

Today, 67% of consumers say that when selecting which products to buy, they’re often influenced by the material
they’re packaged in. As more companies strive to be viewed as eco-friendly, smart packaging helps reduce the impact
on the environment, giving brands a more sustainable package option to meet customer demand.

Impacts the Bottom Line

Smart packaging can be more economical. Because it’s more durable and light-weight, it helps reduce shipping costs.
This gives brands a competitive edge, especially those with a national or international reach.

The Future of Packaging

Primary Packaging Inc. (PPI) knows product packaging is at a critical stage as marketing awareness comes to the
forefront and shipping costs continue to rise. The ConservaCube™ packaging design offers strategic benefits to a
business because its design reflects the brand, promotes the product, and protects contents inside the package.

Compared to traditional packaging with two primary display panels (and only one visible at a time), ConservaCube™
has four display panels to draw the customer’s eye and make a lasting brand impression. But it is much more than a
promotional piece; it’s a protective element. The ConservaCube™ strength and dimensional stability come not from the
thickness of the materials used but rather from its trademark design. This prevents damage to contents and, in some
cases, lengthens shelf life.

The efficient design is cost-effective, requires fewer materials, leaves less air space in shipments, and warehouse
storage. Favorable dimensions and structure of the ConservaCube™ affect margins, shipping costs, and material
handling. Additionally, it maximizes shelve space and better utilizes end-cap space in retail stores.

Now more than ever, brands need to think outside the box things and find things that set them apart from competitors.
The “wow” factor of ConservaCube™ differentiates products from the norm and can become a force to inspire
influencer marketing as pleased customers post positive reviews on social media.

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