5 Interesting Packaging Ideas You Should Know

December 6, 2022
By Ben Kaplan

Flexible packaging services are quite common nowadays, and the marketplace is getting swarmed with them. Creating eye-catching packaging ideas is crucial to any business – this may appear easy but can be quite overwhelming. Small-sized companies often lack marketing funds and visibility but with the right packaging, they can still stand out on the shelf. All it needs is for the owner or the marketers to think outside the box!

Small and medium-sized businesses often consider packaging as the only sector where costs need to be minimized, however, this is a common mistake made by them. Business owners often overlook the potential of selling their products through unique packaging. You may not realize that packaging holds the power of communicating with customers. 

The idea of this article is to encourage you to think more about your packaging decisions. You can take inspiration from one of the following ideas. Listed are the 5 interesting packaging ideas that can help make flexible packaging design stand out from the competitors:

Attractive Graphics: The major way of attracting customers to purchase your product is by making it stand out from the rest on the shelf. How can we do that? By creating eye-catching packaging design and using high-impact graphics, colors, mixing matte, adding gloss and metallic finishing, and reflecting beautiful artwork. This is one of the many trusted ways of getting your product noticed.

Package Functionality: Cut-outs, closures, and modified atmosphere packaging, are some of the commonly picked structures and functions. Since all products are different and have unique requirements for their packaging, you need to think about the right structure and functionality. Choose the structure that can bring a big impact and make your product feasible for the consumers. 

For example, a shampoo brand moved their product from the traditional bottle shape to flexible packaging with a twist, they focused on adding a user-friendly twist to close the spout. This led to less wastage and an easy-to-use feature for the user in the shower.

Reshape Traditional Packaging Methods: To create interesting packaging, all you need to do is think outside the box-quite literally. A frozen pizza manufacturer made a switch from a traditional cardboard box to flexible packaging. There is no better way for manufacturers to make their products attractive and completely different from the competitors. 

For example, a pool chemical manufacturer switched from cardboard cartons to flexible packaging for multiple reasons – to stand out from their competition in a carton-dominated industry and traditional packaging is prone to moisture and tends to deteriorate over time.

Bring Innovation: when we talk about technical innovation, even the smallest breakthrough can make a massive impact on your brand. Always look for ways to use cutting-edge and modern technologies to make your packaging better. Add strong protection to the film that provides a long shelf-life to the product and allows reusing or reheating the product. There’s no harm in switching to technology that can make the product more user-friendly.

Sustainable and eco-friendly Designs: Nowadays, manufacturers understand that consumers make decisions keeping their wallets and the environment in mind. This is why it is advised to be seen as a brand with a small environmental footprint. Try making packaging decisions using eco-conscious and sustainable materials, as this is here to stay.

Focus on your packaging choices and consumers to create a unique design that reflects your brand’s persona. Remember, packaging not only contains your product but also is the final marketing message you convey to your consumers. 

Try going through all the work your competition is doing and ensure that you deliver a strong message through your packaging. 

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