Pocket bags are designed with a clear pocket on the outside of an open mouth bag to allow for printed documents that can be protected and secured during transportation.
Pocket Bags can be used for multiple uses or products, depending upon the need.

Pocket bags are perfect when short orders are needed or where regulations are changing from state to state.
Pocket bags are available plain or printed with up to 10 colors (with UV coating).

Pocket Bag - Add a Pocket to TwinSeal or SideWeld Bags - Primary Packaging
Ice Melter
Sunflower Seeds
Pool Salt


The pocket bag is a top filled, open mouth plastic bag  that gives you the opportunity to add a pocket to your heavy duty flexible bag for a paper insert for different products. This additional feature allows you to include promotional or instructional materials, protected by the packaging design, with your products.

The pocket is available in both Twinseal and Sideweld Bags and it great for specialized applications. There are multiple options for pocket placement and fits most custom labeling necessities.


• Fertilizers
• Ice Melt
• Minerals
• Pool Salt
• Powder Chemicals
• Seeds or Feeds

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