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Post-Consumer Recycled Content Resin


Post-consumer recycled content  is a material that is composed of previously used and recycled materials. Instead of ending its lifecycle as a single-use product or materials, it was redirected away from the landfill, and processed and repurposed for a new use, extending its lifespan and reducing its impact on our environment.

As a proud member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, Primary Packaging is always looking for ways to offer packaging solutions to its clients that meet sustainability goals. One way we achieve this goal is by offering flexible packaging solutions that use some percentage of sustainably sourced or recycled material.

Primary Packaging currently has the capability to run up to 80% post-consumer materials in our mailer films, 25% in ConservaCubeTM packaging, and up to 35% in heavy duty plastic packaging bags and film. These flexible packaging solutions are widely used in markets such as insulation, cellulose, wood pellets, soil & mulches, rock, fertilizers, minerals, ice melt, pool salts and variety of chemicals.


PPI has introduced recycled materials into several of its product lines and frequently look into other solutions that can utilize more sustainably sourced materials. Currently, our solutions that can feature these more sustainable materials include:

• Mailer Bag Film 
•  Heavy Duty Plastic Bags

We would love to have a dialogue to understand your interest in sustainably sourced flexible packaging solutions. Our team of experts is ready to help you find the perfect solution for your packaing needs. Contact us today!

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