ConservaCube Success Stories

Thinking outside the box, or in this case the bag or the bucket, promotes innovation and offers numerous benefits. The ConservaCubeTM packaging design is an effective alternative to traditional stand up and side gusset pouches and rigid plastic buckets. It will hold its shape in an upright position regardless of the fill material and offers ample space for branding. Don’t take our word for it, just read these ConservaCube success stories to see how our customers and end consumers love the ConservaCubeTM packaging design.

Cat Litter End Consumer Review



"This is a different shaped bag, one that can stand up vertically and takes up a more cubical space versus a very flat wide bag that you normally get. I think this bag shape is better for some storage spaces, and is a bit easier to carry."

ConservaCube Packaging Design in Action - Feline Fresh Cat Litter

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