Alert Security Products FAQ

Which styles of dual compartment bags are available?
What is the minimum purchase quantity?
Can I combine quantities to determine pricing?
How does the pricing of Alert Security bags compare to that of competitive products?
When will my order ship?
Which carriers will be used to ship my order?
How do I specify my needs for a customized security bag?


Dual Compartment Bags

A two compartment security bag. The cash or valuables are in a compartment secured by the Alert Security Seal maximum security adhesive closure and the deposit slip and other non negotiable items are in a separate compartment with standard security adhesive closure.


Three Types or Styles of Pouch Bags:


Bottom Pouch Bag – The Alert Security Bag Style.
Packaging Horizons manufactures a bottom pouch bag that is the specified design by the largest cash collection banks. This style of construction places the document pouch below the cash compartment. The cash compartment can be inspected from either side.
Side by Side Pouch Bags.
We do not manufacture this style of bag. The bottom pouch bag is the more widely used construction.
Back Pouch Bag.

Packaging Horizons does not manufacture a back pouch bag. We discontinued the back pouch bag about 10 years ago because this bag style has an inherent security flaw. Document(s) can be removed from the back pouch and a cut then made through the film thereby allowing access to the cash compartment. After cash is removed, the removed document(s) can be replaced to cover the cut and obscure the tampering.


Minimum Purchase Quantity

The minimum purchase quantity is one (1) Case or one (1) Pack of any product. The shopping cart has the Case quantity and Pack quantity price for each product.



Combining Sizes
Can I combine a number of sizes and use the combined total cases for pricing?
No. Each item purchased is priced at the quantity break for the number of cases of that item which is being purchased.

Pricing Comparison

Prices for Alert Security Bags Compared to Competing Products
Occasionally, the pricing may appear to be higher than competing products for the same bag size.
Three (3) important considerations should be analyzed in comparing pricing.
1.It is best to compare pricing based on the price per individual bag. Many companies package security bags in small quantities in order to give the illusion of a low price. Simply divide the case price by the bags per case to determine the cost per individual bag. Now you are comparing on an equal basis. Our pricing chart actually does the analysis for you. We can fax, e-mail or mail a price sheet to you along with our other product literature.

The second consideration in pricing comparison is the quality of the security bag. All security bags are not equivalent:

• Lower cost bags may be made from thinner or lower strength materials. Alert Security Bags are produced from a heavy gauge, coextruded film that optimizes seal strength, puncture resistance and overall film strength.

• The tamper evident tape on low cost bags will not provide the high level of security demonstrated by the Alert Security Seal. Many of our competitors use inexpensive hot melt adhesives as their closure; however, as a sole source of protection, this adhesive is easily violated by exposure to temperature and/or solvents. The Alert Security Seal provides its positive indicating ALERT/VOID message under these conditions. For additional information regarding the Alert Security Seal, click here.

• Low cost bags may have very thin seals at the sides of the bag. Alert Security Bags have wide inset seals providing strength and the best evidence of tampering.

3.Finally, Packaging Horizons is the manufacturer of the Alert Security Bag. In evaluating the balance between product quality and pricing, please consider the advantages of a direct purchasing relationship.


When Will My Order Ship?

Packaging Horizons inventories all of the standard Alert Security Bag sizes which are listed in our product specification and pricing literature. Orders for our stock Alert Security Bags are shipped as follows:

• Orders placed before 12:00 noon eastern time for regular ground shipping are shipped the same day.

• Orders placed after 12:00 eastern time are shipped the next business day.

• Orders placed for Next Day Air shipping will be shipped the same day for orders place by 2:00/pm Eastern time.

Orders for Deposit Tickets are normally shipped within 5 to 7 business days. Orders can be expedited for a surcharge.


How Will My Order Ship?

• Packages ship via FedEx Ground for most orders.

• For orders which exceed 300 pounds we will also price shipment via common truck carrier and use the lowest cost method.

• If you prefer to specify your carrier, we can ship via your selection and charge the freight to your account number.


Customized Security Bags

Custom Printing & Logos
Packaging Horizons can print 6 colors on the security bag. We can supply a quotation for your custom bag. (See Request a Quotation)
Custom Bag Sizes
Packaging Horizons can custom manufacture bags as small as 3 inches wide by 3 inches in length. The largest bag size is 20 inches by 20 inches.
For additional information on Customized Security Bags, click here.
Request a Quotation for a Custom Bag
Several methods are available:
1.Send us a sample of the bag you are currently using along with information on quantity and other specifications.
2.Fax your specification sheet to us at 610-559-3900 or e-mail the information to
3.If you are beginning a new project, just request that a Packaging Horizons’ Customer Service Representative contact you and help you through the specification process.