7 Effective Packaging Insert Ideas to Foster Customer Loyalty

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October 27, 2023

E-commerce is a competitive market where building customer loyalty is paramount for your business to grow. While product quality and customer service are vital, packaging inserts help leave a lasting impression. By leveraging creative and strategic packaging insert ideas, you can improve the overall customer experience, build a loyal customer base, and drive repeat purchases. To foster long-lasting relationships with customers, brands must go the extra mile in delivering exceptional experiences and personalized looks. One effective way to improve customer base is via cutting-edge packaging. Insert may appear small, yet impactful additions can improve the customer’s unboxing experience – read on to unravel the top packaging insert ideas.


Packaging inserts, or packing inserts, are extra items that e-commerce retailers use to bring elegance and extra protection to packaged goods before shipping them. They work wonders for your business since they are unexpected by customers, thereby bringing joy. A business can choose this feature to spread the word about a special offer or campaign to add extra value. Therefore, package inserts can be used to improve the unboxing experience and build a relationship with them.


Packaging inserts are important because they don’t demand investment and bring major results for your business. Listed below are major reasons why:

Affordability: Packaging inserts are not very expensive and bring high results. For example, you can send a “thank you note” to a customer for buying one of your products – it will make them feel good. Get these cards printed in bulk to save money.

Improve Loyalty: Packaging inserts help offer a positive experience to your customers and help retain customers. When someone from your target audience finds a personal note or even a small gift within the box, it strikes an emotional chord within them.

Cross-Sell: Explore different packaging insert ideas and witness the opportunity to cross-sell products. Say a customer has ordered a perfume bottle; you can send a small bottle of mist or sachet of moisturizer as a packaging insert. This helps you cross-sell your other product range.

Guide Your Customer: Provide details about product benefits and features to potential customers. They help you convey your message fashionably. Use packaging inserts containing correct information about the product.


While packaging your product, you can take the listed below packaging insert ideas into consideration to foster customer trust and repeat sales:

1.Personalized “Thank You” Notes: One of the effective packaging insert ideas is to add a personalized note. While you may think leaving a thank you note won’t do much for your business, keep in mind that expressing your gratitude to your customers makes them feel valued and drives repeat purchases. You can personalize the note by simply addressing your customer by name or mentioning the product they bought. A thoughtfully put-together thank you note will go a long way in making customers feel appreciated and help create a positive relationship with your business.

2.Exclusive Offers & Discounts: This will help your customers feel like they are receiving extra value with their purchase. Inserting exclusive discount coupons inside your packaging encourages them to buy again. You can start a loyalty program to entice them into returning for another purchase. Adding special offers, limited edition vouchers, or discounts for your customers to redeem will nudge a significant increase in your sales.

3.Product Usage Tricks: You can inform your customers about the best ways to utilize your products by adding a “how-to-do manual” or “maintenance tips” in the packaging. This enables customers to take up maximum value from their purchases. It could be a step-by-step guide, cutting-edge ways to use the product, and care instructions – providing helpful information improves the overall customer experience.

4.Customer Surveys: You can utilize packaging inserts to gather customer feedback and constructive reports. Encourage customers to share their thoughts and ideas about their purchase and product experience by adding a brief survey or feedback request forms. Consider providing an incentive to improve response rates. “Get a chance to win a discount code” or “win % discount coupon for your next purchase” will encourage customers to fill out the feedback form.”

5.Social Media Reviews: Using packaging inserts helps improve your brand’s visibility on social media platforms. You can include clear calls to action that encourage customers to follow your brand on social media channels and share their experiences with followers and friends. Keep in mind that user-generated reviews are powerful social proof that drives new customers and builds trust.

6.Samples or Surprises: Who doesn’t like a surprise, right? Try adding small gifts or new product samples in your packaging inserts. It could be a complementary product, a promotional item, or limited edition goods offered by your brand. This unexpected gift delights customers and leaves a lasting impression on their minds. Add samples or some other mini-size product range to improve their unboxing experiences.

7.Referral Program: Rely on the power of word-of-mouth marketing by leveraging referral programs into your packaging. Encourage customers to refer their family and friends to your brand by providing rewards or referral bonuses. This helps expand your customer base and foster a sense of loyalty amongst your current customers.


Packaging inserts offer an opportunity to consult with your customers beyond the product. Listed below are the top benefits:

1.Improved Brand Perception: Well-designed packaging inserts can improve your overall perception of the brand. When you go the extra mile to offer your customers a personalized and positive unboxing experience, you leave a lasting impression that supports your brand value and commitment.

2.Improved Customer Engagement: When you use packaging inserts, you can engage with your customers directly. Many perfume brands add a sample mini-size bottle or moisturizing cream sachets to the packaging, encouraging your customers to interact with your brand after the purchase. With a happy experience, they connect with your business and return for more purchases.

3.Word-of-mouth Marketing: Satisfied consumers are more likely to share their positive experiences with others. By adding referral programs, review prompts, and social media requests in your packaging inserts, you can tap into the power of word-of-mouth marketing. Happy customers can become brand advocates; spread only the good things about your product – generating organic growth for your eCommerce business.


Packaging inserts bring all the benefits mentioned above for e-commerce businesses. If used strategically, they profoundly impact customer loyalty and the brand’s success. You can embrace their advantages, experiment with different packaging inserts, and refine your approach to maximize the wonders.

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